Remixt Magazine

I have a new poem out, in the first volume of Remixt Magazine! I hope you’ll check out all the wonderful poems in this first volume.

Remixt is a really interesting new venue. It’s kind of an experiment in editorial tastes and choices. Several different editors chose from the same pool of submissions to put together small collections. In theory, they could have all chosen the same three poems, or chosen completely different ones. The nine different editors ended up choosing to publish twenty-four unique authors. My poem was one of three that was chosen by two different editors (and I’m quite tickled about that, just for the record).

The other poems in the collections alongside “Movement” are lovely, and they fit together just beautifully. This experiment in editorial taste and vision is really interesting, and I’m very glad I submitted! My absolute favorite poem of the bunch is Beth Cato’s “The Death of the Horse” in issue eight. It’s melancholy and tells a very interesting story. I’m looking forward to reading and rereading the poetry in the days to come.


“Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.”

This is a confession.

I’ve told some people that I made my own luck. It was a kind of private joke, really. Someone would comment on how lucky I’ve been, the breaks I’ve gotten and the innovations I stumbled onto. Usually it was someone who really wanted to know the so-called ‘secret of my success’, how I made Portable Holes, so they could replicate the magic, I guess. So I’d smile and say that I made my own luck, and they would think I was unbearably arrogant and then leave me alone. It’s true, though. I made my own luck. Just not in the way you think.
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The Museum of Moments

Welcome to the Museum of Moments.

Yes, we’re open. Come in, please. No, we’re not new to the neighborhood. The museum has always been here. Yes, it is strange that you’ve never noticed us before. Shall we call it luck? Fate then. Yes, I prefer that, too.

Call me Moira.

We require a donation to browse the collection. We can discuss that on your way out, though. Come, let me show you around. Continue reading The Museum of Moments